Merriam-Webster says assiduous means “showing great care, attention, and effort.” It’s like the word interest on more steroids than Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco at a bodybuilding competition.

Working hard is not necessarily working assiduously, but here’s a graph from OECD that shows what countries work the most hours per year:


OECD (2017), Hours worked (indicator). doi: 10.1787/47be1c78-en (Accessed on 11 January 2017)

Forbes put together a list of 2016’s highest-paid celebrities. Taylor Swift topped the list with $170 million, but author James Patterson might be the most assiduous on the list. According to the article, “Patterson churns out over a dozen books a year with coauthors.” Now that’s assiduity.

In an interview with Politico, conservative commentator Tucker Carlson used our word of the week to humorously describe Glenn Beck’s meeting with Mark Zuckerberg:

“I went to that meeting expecting Beck to cry, rend his garments while quoting James Madison, but that’s not at all what happened. He began the most extended assiduous suck-up I think I’ve ever seen a grown man commit. He acted like he was auditioning to be Mark Zuckerberg’s manservant — it was awe-inspiring.”

Assiduous isn’t popular with the lyricists, but there is this song from Sodom, featuring the line You will be wrapped up in your assiduous work / Offer your service to clean up the world:

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr