If you’re a self-taught professional, you’re not just the college scam’s worst nightmare—you’re an autodidact. Here in the Internet age, you can learn pretty much anything on your own. That’s simultaneously positive and negative feature: you can learn how to make a vacuum cleaner with a plastic soda bottle, but a deranged person can discover how to increase his or her kill radius.

But don’t let terrorism get you down! Look what one famous author said about being an autodidact:

“When it came to formal classes, I was a slacker. But I’ve always been a diligent autodidact and can teach myself virtually any subject—if I have a serious interest in it” – Dean Koontz

Wikipedia has a nice list of famous autodidacts, including people such as Kurt Cobain and Stanley Kubrick. Just think—if Mr. Kubrick had gone to school, we wouldn’t have gems like this:


Depending on how loose your definition of “help” is, Gavin McInnes can help you with your autodidactic endeavors. He teamed up with Vans to make a series of how-to videos on YouTube, but this one is the best by far:

Here’s a song by Sorority Noise that plays perfectly with the autodidact theme:

And another:

Finally, I’ve put together my own list of interesting things you can learn how to do on YouTube. Enjoy!

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